What a relief! Audicas helps field techs deliver real-time site reports.

A couple of months ago we picked up Motorola Solutions as a customer, so I recently drove out to a remote NSW site to meet some of their field techs to get their feedback about Audicas whilst they upgraded equipment.

The guys had already been going at it for a few hours when I walked in the shelter at around 10 AM. One of them was sitting on the floor working on some cable when he looked up and told me what a relief it was to have Audicas: no longer would he have to work back late each day after the site visit pulling together the reports. He was pretty happy and also threw in a prediction that I’d retire one day soon because I’d struck gold with Audicas. Ha, ha, always great to meet a happy user.

The Motorola form for this project had to deal with many different design solutions. So, in Audicas we used conditional formulas to show and hide entire pages, along with branching questions. That way it dynamically resized the form to fit the design solution they picked on site. It also used the site number to pull in site information from their customer’s asset database and send information back to it in real-time as they completed the form.

Audicas question branching

Audicas show and hide pages

Their customer also had a long list of photos they needed taken, along with their naming convention format. So again, we set all of that up in their form template using Audicas formulas to auto-name photos as they were being taken. The guys were extremely happy with that feature.

It wasn’t all wine and roses. I did get feedback that some of the questions and button values needed to be changed. They also found that some of the equipment boxes had two barcodes to scan instead of the one we’d allowed for. Not a problem. Audicas was designed to be dynamic, so updating form templates is super easy. I made the changes in five minutes and pushed the update out to their audit form in real-time.

Finally, I heard that their manager and the customer were enjoying occasionally checking the Audicas admin website to see the progress they were making: it’s actually pretty addictive siting their watching as photos come in.

I’m happy to report that since my site visit, Motorola Solutions have continued with their equipment upgrade project and have been using Audicas on a regular basis.

Oh, and I’m also not retired…nor would I really want to because Audicas is my passion. Really!

If you’d like to learn more about Audicas, including any questions about our 30-day free trial, send an email to me at mark.sefton@audicas.com.

Field tech working up a ladder

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