Audit Module

When you’re sick of writing reports, or getting late, dirty and hard to read paper reports back from the field, you need to use Audicas’ Audit Module.

Complete audits online or offline

Simply select a form from your template library and create an audit. Assign it to one or more of your iPads and watch in real-time as the collected information comes back from site.

Produce consistent reports

Producing reports in Audicas is as simple as clicking on a link. Audicas takes your report template and merges your audit information into it, giving you consistent Word or Excel reports every time.

Asset Module

If you visit a site more than once and you need to track changes to asset information over time, then the Audicas Asset Module is your solution.

Once enabled, the Asset Module allows you to create an asset portfolio, where a portfolio is simply a group of common assets shared across multiple locations.

For example, a national network of telecommunications sites shares common assets, like a shelter, structure, antennas, feeders, etc. So, an asset portfolio template is created with these common fields and if existing asset information exists, it is imported.

Complete asset audits online or offline

Just like regular audits, but much more powerful. Create an asset audit and have it pre-populated with whatever asset information you have stored in your Audicas asset database.

Reconcile asset changes

To complete the process, the Audicas reconcile page lists all of the changes picked up during asset audits. Accept them and your asset database is automatically updated.