Why are we passionate about what we do?

We’re passionate about Audicas because we’ve worked for large companies, on huge projects, that never bothered to solve one of the biggest pains: how to efficiently gather and check information from the field in real-time. Not having it causes issues at every level of an organisation.

For example. After a day out on site, people in the field dread the mountain of paperwork they have to produce back in their motel room. Managers get sick and tired of having to nag the very same people, weeks after their site visit, to get reports submitted so they can tick off a milestone. And week after week, the project director has to attend the customer’s governance meeting and explain why the team is falling behind.

Audicas exists because we wanted to make a difference. We truly want our customers to get on with more important things, like focusing on efficiency, getting paid on time and reducing the stress of workers.

What do we believe in...

BS Free Zone

Because life is too short to stuff around.

Add Value

We always strive to add value by using our real-world experiences.

Data Love

Never lose data! It’s our mantra and our system was built from the ground up with this at the core.

We Ask And Listen

We ask our customers questions so we can better understand their business.

Yes We Can

We’re super responsive.

Happy Customers

We show up and exceed customer expectations.

Audicas can save you significant time and money