How Audicas saved a 5G customer

Pssst. Want a competitive advantage? Yes. Well read on, but keep it to yourself. The telco industry is starting to get very, very busy. It’s ramping up for 5G deployments and people are already working extremely hard, with much more work to come. So, setting up efficient processes now has never been more important. What [...]

Billion dollar Telco calls on Audicas to get their assets in order

Four years ago, a major Telco had a problem. For a while they’d been maintaining their very large list of site assets in a spreadsheet, but over time, through sharing it with external parties like build contractors, they’d lost control and no longer knew for sure what was on their sites. As anyone in asset [...]

Audicas asset audits helps a billion dollar company achieve the impossible!

To realise the full value of their recently implemented asset management system, a broadcast infrastructure company needed to collect asset hierarchy information for their 100,000 plus ground based assets in an extremely short period of time. Background Having a portfolio of over 600 sites, with many in remote and hard to get at places, the [...]

What a relief! Audicas helps field techs deliver real-time site reports.

A couple of months ago we picked up Motorola Solutions as a customer, so I recently drove out to a remote NSW site to meet some of their field techs to get their feedback about Audicas whilst they upgraded equipment. The guys had already been going at it for a few hours when I walked [...]