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Audicas' ready-to-use asset management software helps asset owners like transport companies, easily manage the collection of asset information

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Audicas delivers real-time information from the site to your office. Unlike other reporting software, it gives you the power to create, customize and update your forms and reports at any time.

With Audicas, you’ll be able to…

Delight your clients and other stakeholders

There is nothing more satisfying than answering progress inquiries with an invitation to have a look at what’s going on at the site, “right now”! Clients love this and you’ll have the fine-grained user permissions you need to let you share only what you want to share.

Possess a reliable source of truth

Photos to assess the work to be done, and more photos to prove it was done correctly. Get valuable, rich and detailed information from your audits by uploading drawings, taking photos, sketching ideas and pinning geolocated photos to drawings.

Cut your reporting time to zero

Audicas integrates seamlessly with Word and Excel, the industry standards, making it easy to create report templates that match your existing reports. From there, it’s a breeze to insert data, photos and drawings, giving you professional looking reports in seconds.

Import or export your data with ease

To save time, you can upload bulk data and pre-populate all, or just some, of your audits with known information. Getting data out is just as easy. One click bulk exports your data in Excel or CSV format, with all your photos, drawings and redlines zipped up for download.

Protect your data with bank grade security

Your site and asset information is critically important, and must be stored in a safe digital environment. Knowing this, and having worked in banking previously, we developed Audicas using bank grade security, to ensure your data is always safe and secure.

Build and maintain a solid database

Audicas is great for doing one-off audits, but if your sites also require regular maintenance or changes, you’ll love our Asset Module. It keeps all of your asset information in one place, tracking changes and letting you know when something needs to be updated.

Stop worrying about “old versions” of forms

Audicas’ fast and configurable template form builder lets you create and edit forms whenever you like – updating everyone’s version in real-time. Build your forms in a snap, using our customisable buttons, text, label, photo and drawing widgets.

Spare your I.T. and training budgets

Hosted in the cloud, Audicas is a feature-rich, and flexible SaaS application. Bespoke software can take months to develop, configure and learn. With Audicas, you’ll be up and running in days!

Get ongoing product support

Tweaks when you need them, and updates as soon as they exist. Because Audicas is in a state of continuous improvement and growth, you’ll benefit from ever-increasing functionality and the learnings of all customer applications.

Are you ready to drastically reduce your asset inspection costs?

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